Friday, January 23, 2015

Minecraft Party Checklist

Hello everyone! So we are exactly seven day's away from our Minecraft Birthday Party and we are getting very excited around here! We have so many ideas between the four of us, it was becoming hard to keep track of what everyone thought was going to happen! I know we are all busy and it takes so much to throw a birthday party these days, in fact days after I'm still trying to recuperate! But, to save you trips to the store and forgetting the ice cream (that always seems to happen around here!) I created this Minecraft Birthday Party Checklist! Enjoy!

Minecraft Birthday Party Checklist Page 1
  You can print it out and keep it with you while your shopping, or if your like me and bargain hunting online and in stores, you can save the file to your Google Drive and keep up no matter where you are!
Minecraft Birthday Party Checklist Page2
 Click on the images to download your free Minecraft birthday party checklist!
Minecraft Birthday Party Checklist Page3
Well I hope that this checklist will make your fun birthday party just a slight bit easier by being organized and well prepared! You can download the Free Minecraft Birthday Party Checklist here or just click on any of the above images and you will  be able to download and print the checklist!

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