Thursday, February 5, 2015

February Bedtime Stories

February Bed Time Stories

We have had such a fun time at bed time lately! Miss Phoenix is still crazy about her comic books and fantasy, because she has been reading on her own at night lately, I am going to let her tell you about her favorite books. My son just turned five, and is particularly intrigued by funny books or it must be Lego / Starwars!

Our Favorite Book of the Week!

I had just read One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak and really enjoyed it When I saw this book on the return shelf at the library, I asked the librarian if they could check it n really quick so that I could check it out right away!
My son had NO INTEREST in a book with no pictures. We had the book for almost a week  with me offering it as a bedtime story each night with a stern NO each time. Then, one day, he was sick and had to stay home. While he was resting in the tub just not feeling good, I brought this book in to read to him while I had him cornered! Plus, he wasn't feeling good so he didn't put up much of a fight. Three pages in, he was in love! He was laughing, happy and feeling better. He loved the book so much, that we had to read it again when he got out of the tub, and again when he took a nap. Then we had to read it again five more times that day! Yep, this book is a winner!

Our Almost Favorite

An instant winner just by its name! This was a book that Quinn couldn't wait to get a hold of! Stink! He loves things that Stink! With great illustrations and a good moral to the story, this book taught Quinn about what happens to the garbage once it's bagged up. He also thought that it was too funny! We quickly found out that this is part of a series there is also I'm Brave! I'm Fast! I'm Mighty! I'm Dirty! There is also I Stink DVD!...and more stories on wheels. We watched a Amazon Prime Instant Video Pilot that was really good too so hopefully we will be seeing more of them! 

These were two great books that I really enjoyed and I know Quinn did! Please leave us a comment if you have any book suggestions! WE LOVE TO READ! 

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