Thursday, January 22, 2015

Minecraft Birthday Party Time!

 Birthday Party! 

     My son is turning five soon! Boy, how time flies when your having fun! This is the first year that Quinn has expressed interest in planning his birthday party. He is taking over the tablet to pin his birthday party ideas on Pinterest! He has decided on a Minecraft Birthday Party! If you don't know what Minecraft is, it is a video game he plays Minecraft - Xbox 360 or Minecraft - PlayStation 3. He has found so many neat printables, templates, downloadable content and so much more!  This Mamma loves a fun, quick and easy craft! We checked out 100's of sites to find exactly what we wanted, or I guess we just wanted to see all the neat ideas! I found tons of great ideas but they are scattered throughout the web so I wanted to create this post so that everyone can find these great ideas in one spot. I am linking to the original site where I found them and hopefully I will post some photos of my own DIY Decorations soon! Good luck on your own Minecraft Birthday Party! I hope its a great! I know we can't wait to have our own! 

Step 1 - Minecraft Invitations

We searched high and low for fun, unique Minecraft birthday party invitations. We quite an array of invites but he was particular about what was on the invites so I ended up creating this printable invitation that had the cake, pig and squid that he was so passionate about being in his invitations! I posted the invitation on my Etsy Store, it's fully customizable!

Minecraft Birthday Invitation Printable Template
Minecraft Birthday Invitations Customizable Printable
We also found these invites over at Colorado Moms that we liked. I am going to be posting our Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation hunt soon, with tons more printable invitation ideas!
Minecraft Birthday Invitations

Step 2 - Minecraft Decorations

Our own DIY Minecraft Decorations are soon to come! Until then though, here are some great ideas to get you started! This game contains so much, it is easy to decorate everything! We found this really cool Minecraft decorating idea at Luxcat.
Minecraft Birthday Decorations

This is the Pinata that the birthday boy chose! We plan on making ours this weekend I'll post photos asap! I can't find the original source for this unfortunately, I would love to have the directions!  

Minecraft's Ghast Pinata

 I like this Minecraft Creeper cup idea, we will be doing this also! I'll let you know how ours turned out! I will include the link the the stencil below in the cake section.
Creeper Cups for Minecraft Birthday Supplies

The axe is definitely going to be a big hit around this party filled with five year old boys! I wish I could figure out how to incorporate this great free printable of the Minecraft Pick Axe and use it for my pinata stick.  Well, its something to think about this week while I'm working on DIY Minecraft decorations!
Minecraft Diamond Axe Party Supplies

 Step 3 - Minecraft Party Snacks

During our Minecraft party search, I noticed that there a variety of food choices! In the Minecraft game, there is an inventory that holds all of your build able items. This is such a great way to present your food! We chose to have a healthier lunch plan, not because we are such a healthy family, just because with cake and ice cream and this being an indoor party in the middle of winter, I just want the house to be recognizable after this party! lol
Minecraft party snacks
 Great way to incorporate Strawberry's into this parties meal plan as our Minecraft Redstone!
Minecraft Slime Balls Snack Food
 Great idea for the lava! I had planned on using jello, but I think that the mixed cheese cubes are a great idea for lava!  Plus, Cheese, Grapes and Strawberry's are all the birthday boy's favorites!
Minecraft Lava Snack Food
 Raining Hot Coupons has such great party ideas, I loved her food options! She also has great decorations ideas, make sure to check her post out!
Great Snack ideas for Minecraft Birthday Parties.

Step 4 - Minecraft Cake 

There are so many cakes ideas! My husband likes to dig in and work on a cake for a day or two, so the birthday boy took full advantage and requested something similar to the top image.  It was exceptionally hard to choose only one as there are so many great options! 

I love how this is a movie! The birthday boy sat and watched the entire movie! He can't wait to get started! We are going to use our tried and true homemade chocolate cake, but this was a great Minecraft Cake tutorial! Great video! Thanks!

We liked these cakes too! But, the lava and water won out!
This cake is the traditional Minecraft cake from the game. If you are looking for authentic Minecraft this is it!
Minecraft Birthday Cakes
This is what he's hoping his cake looks like when it's all done! I think it's going to be super neat and a great afternoon!
Minecraft Birthday Cake Ideas

Step 5 - Mine Craft Party Games

We have not decided exactly what type of games that we are going to have yet, but here are some fun ideas that we are considering!
Minecraft Birthday Party Game Ideas
 This seems fun! I wonder if they would like stickers to cover the spaces instead of bingo markers! (just thinking of my walls again! lol)
Minecraft Party Games
This looks like fun! Maybe use it for the pinata mask! This is a free downloadable Steve Mask Template! They also have a free Iron Sword and Diamond Pickaxe PDF DIY Template.

Here is the Creeper Template, you can click directly on the image and it will take you to Craftsy where you can download three free templates!
Free Template Minecraft Creeper
I hope that this information has been helpful!  We are so very excited to have our very own Minecraft Birthday Party! This is going to be such fun! I will be posting our very own DIY Minecraft Birthday Photos soon! Check out our Pinterest board for more Minecraft Birthday Party Details!

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